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Fishers ofwomen
Inspiring the spirit.  
Igniting the strength.
Empowering the heart of a woman.
Fishers of Women
Fishers of Women Ministries, founded in 2005, is dedicated
to equipping and encouraging women who are spiritually
minded to use their gifts and abilities wherever God may call
them to be used.  FoW seeks to empower women in the
three spheres of influence:  the home, the ministry, and the

At Fishers of Women Ministries, we are committed to 3
main goals:

Please visit our
Spiritual Clarity, Social Conscience, & Moral
Compass articles for inspiration and instruction.  

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Wisdom has
built her house;
she has hewn
out its seven
~Proverbs 9:1
Fishers of Women Ministries
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