When Jesus asked His disciples to give him their perceptions about
his image and purpose, they first responded by telling him what
others were saying about who Jesus was.  He then pressed them,
"But what about
you?  Who do you say that I am?" (Matt. 16:15)
Peter answered boldly and confidently, "You are the Christ, the Son
of the living God."  Jesus then blessed Peter for his insight that was
given to him, not by other men, but revealed to him by God himself.

The word of God is accurate, reliable, and dependable.  Yet, when
we come to read those words, we bring with us our own perceptions
about who
we think God is, what we think He is trying to say.  Who
do you think God is?  Do you see Him as a harsh taskmaster, out for
vengeance on a sinful world?  Do you see Him as distant being,
unconcerned with the daily affairs of man?  

Our preconceptions about words such as authority, submission, rule,
governance, and headship often cloud our ability to really penetrate
the Scriptures and hear from God Himself on his views of women.  
Instead, we repeat what we have been told by others and depend on
worldly judgements, missing entirely the heart of the One who
created us and knows our purpose and destiny intimately.

Real understanding can only come with a relationship with the true
author of Scriptures (God Himself), a willingness to set aside any
previously held assumptions and traditions, and a heart that is open
to hear the Word as if for the first time.

I challenge you today to set aside for just a moment what you
thought to be true, and ask Him if it really is true.  Who do YOU
say He is?  If you don't know the answer to that question.....perhaps
you should let Him answer it for you.  Let your journey begin!
Copyright 2007 Fishers of Women Ministries

Spiritual clarity
Inspiring the spirit...
Who Do YOU Say that I Am? by Dawn G. Choate
(Image by ChristArt.com)

....We fear that it will be
found, in the great day of
account, that a mistaken
and unjustifiable
application of the
passage, "Let your
women keep silence in
the Churches," has
resulted in more loss to
the Church, evil to the
world, and dishonour to
God, than any of the
errors we have already
referred to.

~Catherine Booth
Fishers of Women